Let’s Rent : Rent to Buy scheme

Rent to buy – how we can help.

Let’s Rent are happy to have you as tenants but if you like our house and wish to buy it and get on the housing ladder there are a number of options available:


    If your offer is acceptable we can arrange the sale, and pay your legal fees.


    You can pay into the new government scheme and receive 25% of the value of your ISA direct from the government. For example, you pay in £1,000 to start it off and 60 payments of £200 per month = £13,000 + £3,250 FREE GIFT, you have a total of £16,250 for a deposit. Please ask your bank or a financial adviser for details.


    We have developed a scheme which is set in a legally bound contract whereby we GUARANTEE that you will have the option to buy the house within a set period of time e.g. normally 3, 4, or 5 years.

In the mean time you pay the rent as normal plus an additional amount which will count towards your deposit when you are ready to buy.

This means you are building up a good credit history whilst saving for your deposit and you can exercise you OPTION TO BUY at any time to suit your self within the set period.

For a draft copy of a contract please see here, however please note that this could be tailored for any specific deal.

The Governement Help to buy Scheme

The Government's Help to Buy ISA Scheme. How does it work?

  • For every £200 you save, you receive a government bonus of £50
  • You can receive a maximum bonus of £3,000
  • The scheme is available to first time buyers.
  • Flexible savings. You don't have to save £200 every month.
  • A range of Banks and Building Societies support the scheme. See here for a list
  • Further information about the Help to Buy ISA Scheme can be found here.