A Packing Guide for Students Going Home for Christmas


Going back to your parents’ house for Christmas can be fun, but there are a lot of things that may need doing before you head off for the holidays. On the one hand, the tasty food and absence of 9am lectures sound like heaven, but it is important to leave your rented accommodation knowing that you’ve got all your essentials and that your house is safe. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few things you might want to do before briefly saying goodbye to student life and hello to Santa Claus!


What do I wear?

You may be tempted to take the entirety of your wardrobe home, but try to pack as lightly as possible. Trust us, you’ll probably not need that Hawaiian garland that you’ve kept from Freshers’ week – unless Auntie Karen is throwing a holiday luau.

Bear in mind what sort of things you’ll be getting up to over the Christmas period. Will you be partying well into the night come New Year’s Eve? Or will you be more likely lounging in your PJs watching seasonal reruns?

Of course, it’s also tempting to take three months’ worth of laundry home, but if you do this perhaps try using the washing machine yourself.


No rest for the wicked

It’s true that whilst Christmas is usually a time for relaxing and indulging, students just aren’t so lucky. With January deadlines and exams looming, it’s a good idea to pack some study essentials.

Again, think about what you’ll need exactly, as there’s no point in taking your whole collection of textbooks if you’re only realistically going to read through a couple. Save breaking your back on the way home, and download any texts that you can onto a tablet or mobile device.


Leave some room for Santa

No matter how skint you are, we’re pretty sure that you’ll have probably bought something for your mum, little brother or grandma this season. Be sure to pack them safely, especially if they’re breakable.


Keep it clean

Make sure you leave your student room and house in a good state: take the bins out just before you leave, make your bed, have a hoover around, wipe the sides down and pop some bleach in the toilet. There’s nothing worse than returning to a messy and chaotic house after a nice, relaxing break.

You may also want to take the tree down before you leave, especially if you’ll be returning after 6 January – it’s bad luck if you keep the decs up after this date, you know.


Keep it warm

You should set your heating to come on low for a few hours each day. This way your pipes won’t freeze during the coldest days of Christmas and you’ll prevent damp from setting in.


Keep it safe

Remember to shut and lock all windows and doors before you leave for Christmas, particularly if there will be no one in over the holiday period. If you’ve got a burglar alarm, make sure it is set correctly, and perhaps ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house whilst you’re away.

In the meantime, try to take most of your valuables with you, or keep them well out of sight from windows.


If you’re visiting your family this Christmas, we hope you have a fantastic time. Just remember to pack the essentials and keep your house safe from burglaries, cold and damage.