Christmas Housekeeping Tips


It’s that time of year when every window is lit up with all manner of colours and we all get a weird craving for mince pies and port. It’s a season that’s fun, bright, magical, heartfelt and quite simply wonderful, yet also very hectic and rather messy. Even the cleanest and tidiest home will become a danger zone for everything from gravy spills to scraps of glittery wrapping paper, so we’ve put together some tips on staying in control and making this Christmas the smoothest one yet.


Clean as you go

Once you’ve finished wrapping prezzies, pop all of the paper scraps into the recycling bin, put away the stationery and vacuum up any bits that are left over. When cooking, either clean down the kitchen whilst the meal is in the oven, or get someone to help you so that everything’s sparkling by the time you sit down to eat. The same goes for daily living – this is a very busy time of year and you may find yourself a bit stretched, so by staying on top of chores, you won’t allow everything to pile up.


Get the guest bed ready

Whether it’s a dedicated guest room or an inflatable mattress in the lounge, be prepared for unexpected overnight visitors. This could be due to someone staying so late that they might as well sleep over, or a driver having a drink and the safest option being that they bed down for the night. (Make sure the bedding is clean and fresh.)


Stock up on the essentials

Yes, you definitely need plenty of food, chocolates and mulled wine, but don’t forget about the boring, everyday items. We’re talking about washing up liquid, shampoo, bin bags, toothpaste and yes, even toilet paper. So many people forget about these things until it’s too late and the shops are shut. Nightmare!


Remember the animals

If you have cats, dogs or a similar pet, treat them to some snacks and toys. If you have fish, give their tank a thorough clean in time for New Year. Then there’s the local wildlife, which you can help by putting out bread, creating leafy corners for hibernation, and supplying a source of fresh water.


‘Tis the season to deep clean

The cooker, sink and kitchen counters are going to take a pummelling over a very short period of time, so make sure to clean them regularly with suitable products, such as oven cleaner and antibacterial wipes. It also helps to move the bin and food recycling caddy to a highly accessible location.


Don’t overdo it

We highly recommend that you enjoy yourself with loved ones for a few days, but try not to go overboard. Aside from feeling like a fatty and suffering from a hangover, you’re bound to knock over a glass of wine and leave a toffee penny to melt into the sofa.


Share your Christmas with us!

We’d love to see what you get up to over the festive season, so please do post your photos to our Facebook page and tweet them to @H_HProperties.


P.S. That great image is from If you do make a mess, visit their blog to discover easy ways to remove all manner of stains from a range of surfaces.